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Hey everyone!

Well, this Geekhouse adventure has been anything but boring. But if I had the chance to choose, I’d take a little bit of crazy and chaos over boring any day. So, we’ve got some big news that’s a little bit crazy and a little bit chaotic, but real exciting!

When we opened two years ago, neither David nor I had any idea how big the Gamagora community would become. As most of you know, this last summer we hit the capacity for the Geek Lounge. We decided we weren’t ready to move to a bigger building yet, so we ended up limiting our membership. Then, over the holidays, we more than quadrupled our retail sales. But still, we decided to just buckle down and work with the square footage we had, so we ended up cutting some of our product lines and continuing to hold off on other product lines we wanted to add.

But we knew that at some point in the future, we would have to make the decision to move the business to another building.

Well, that time is now. Since we were already forced to be closed for an indeterminate amount of time and it happened to coincide with the end of our lease, we decided to go for it, take our unicorn and jump even though we aren’t quite sure where we are going to land.

As of yesterday, we have cleared out all of the board games, graphic novels, tables and retail from 254 Madison Avenue and it’s all packed up waiting for us to find our new home. Just like Asgard isn’t a place, neither is Gamagora, it’s a people. And we will be so excited to find the new place for our people.

Where are we at right now in our search for a new building?

During this last month we have been in contact with a few Corvallis landlords and we have our eye on a couple of properties. However, because we have zero idea what the future holds for the easing of restrictions, we are going to wait and see what opportunities present themselves between now and the reopening of businesses. In the meantime, if any of you know of a property that you think might be perfect for Gamagora’s new home, let us know!!


What are our plans for the future?

We can’t help but get excited about the prospects for growth with this change. First of all we would like to expand our retail. We want to increase our graphic novel and RPG selections, expand the war game offerings as well as start to delve into the miniatures world. We would also like to have a larger selection of dice including some metal ones! Plus I’m dying to have some hoodies and stickers with our unicorn on them. And if we have space, we would love to finally be able to offer you guys a place to buy and sell used games.

We also hope to be able to roll out our online store for our frequent shoppers (buy online, pick up in store).

Another draw for a bigger place is to hopefully expand the Lounge. First we would like to add a couple more tables and increase the number of members we can have. Second, we want to expand the library so we can put off purging for a while and have more games for you to play. We want a dedicated home theater section with a better seating area that is more condusive to special screenings. We also want a nice little reading nook with some comfy chairs.

And most importantly, we want a bathroom that we have control over. There’s totally going to be a TV in there!

If everything goes as planned, we hope to be settled into our new place by September. Obviously, with the Coronavirus still looming over us we know that plans can change and we hope we, and you guys, stay flexible and know that no matter what happens, the Gamagora community isn’t going anywhere…except for a new building.


Hey Guys,

Well, we’re here. We’re at the shutdown. Or, “Stay Home, Save Lives” as the Governor wants to dub it. There have been quite a few request to stop by the shop to sell a game or two, however we have decided that both your and our health is far more prudent at this time.  So as of now (or actually last Sunday as it were) we are temporarily closed. We will definetly be keeping you guys up to date with what’s going to be happening at the Geekhouse, but for now, stay home, stay safe, and play some games!

Brittni and David


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